You can now book a bespoke Skinceuticals facial in dubai at Ouronyx Clinic.

I had been keen to try out Ouronyx Clinic where they offer non-surgical aesthetic treatments in the heart of Business Bay at the Opus Tower. So of course, when I got news that they were now offering bespoke Skinceuticals facials, I was quick to book in a session. On the day of the appointment I arrived a little earlier than planned but given how aesthetically pleasing the space is, I didn’t mind the wait. I filled out a lengthy form giving details on my skin and then enjoyed a cup of coffee while admiring the architecture and the overall calmness of the space.

The therapist came and collected me and we began with her examining my face under a microscope-daunting but effective, as it really helped her decide what I needed for my skin. Once comfortably settled on the bed, she began with double cleansing my face followed by an exfoliation and then a deep face, neck, shoulder massage. I found myself nodding off to sleep because of how relaxing it was. Next came the chemical peel which given the sensitive nature of my skin was mild and she applied a mask on top of it to get it to work deeper. When the mask was taken off she started the radio frequency across the neck and forehead and finally finished off by applying a vitamin C serum, cream and spf and I was all set.

My skin definitely looked clearer and fresher but what I am noticing even 5 days after the treatment is how tight my skin looks and the forehead lines are minimal. Recognizing that one size does not fit all in skincare, each facial treatment is catered to the unique skincare requirements of each individual and is designed to target concerns such as pigmentation, acne, and overall skin health, delivering visible and long-lasting results. As I had mentioned I wanted to address the acne marks and the lines on my face, the therapist customised this medical grade facial to my needs.

Skinceuticals is synonymous with innovation within the skincare industry and brings a wealth of research backed formulations to the clinic. Their product lines revolve around prevention, protection and correction, and address a wide range of skin concerns from pigmentation and wrinkles to blemishes and acne. With a range of antioxidant-rich serums and lightweight, vitamin-infused lotions, each Skinceuticals  facial treatments at Ouronyx is expertly tailored to deliver exceptional results, promoting enhanced skin health and vitality.

The bespoke Skinceuticals facial is simple yet transformative and if your skin is being moody then give this treatment a try.

Ouronyx is located at The Opus by Omniyat – Unit C201 – Al A’amal St – Business Bay

+9714-456 2024

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