Enjoy four months of frizz-free hair all thanks to the hair botox treatment at Royal Nordic Salon in Dubai.

As summer is approaching, or should we just say summer is here, the hair is no longer cooperating. I am waking up every morning with a literal bird’s nest on my head that I am unable to tackle at home. Heading to the hair salon is an easy solution, but not so great for the wallet and with travels just around the corner, it won’t be so easy anymore. It was all these reasons why I spoke to the lovely ladies at Royal Nordic Salon and decided to take the plunge and get Hair Botox.

Royal Nordic Salon is now my go-to for all things hair-that hair spa treatment has forever changed how I want my hair done at the salon-for more details click here. The ladies at the salon not only have the latest training but also give advice according to the texture of the hair and the situation of the scalp of each client and for me they agreed that Hair Botox would be best.

The treatment began with a cleansing shampoo rinse followed by a rough dry of the hair. The therapist then sectioned the hair and applied the Hair Botox cream all over my head-she was very particular about not missing any section of the hair and made sure it covered the entire head starting from the roots-the most problematic area! It was left on for 30 minutes and I was surprised that I didn’t feel any discomfort or the need to scratch the scalp at any point.


Once the treatment was on she began the tedious task of meticulously straightening every single strange of hair. Section by section she worked across the head and it took about 2 hours to complete the task. Once the hair was straightened I was all set and ready to leave.

Royal Nordic Salon always goes the extra mile, and they requested me to return the next morning for them to rinse out the product and see the results. So I found myself back in the salon seat the next morning where she gently washed my hair applied a conditioner and then used a dryer to straighten it out.

This Hair Botox treatment is for anyone who is looking for frizz-free, smooth and strong hair.  The treatment has left my hair looking healthy and caused no damage.  Suitable for all hair types it is a must-try!

Royal Nordic Beauty Salon

La Plage Residence – Jumeirah Beach Road – Al Athar Street 

+97152-808 0567


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