Eluxura is the first online ethical beauty store.

Shopping for beauty and fragrances can be extremely overwhelming. One of our priorities is picking brands that are ethical and those are usually not so easy to find when browsing the counters across the malls in Dubai. If you want to fill up your beauty shelf without the stress of spending endless hours searching, Eluxura is your answer.

Founded on the belief that ethical and clean beauty should be the norm, this online website offers luxury cosmetics and fragrance that focuses on your overall wellbeing.

Whether you are looking to build a skincare routine based on pure ingredients, or seeking exceptional fragrances made of higher-quality authentic ingredients, that will satisfy your discerning taste, this website is your one-stop shopping destination.

Rooted in nature, with Eluxura holds vegan and cruelty-free principles at its heart, its ‘conscious luxury’ skincare brands are natural, effective, and responsible while actively minimizing the presence of harmful ingredients and preservatives in their beauty products.

An absolute treasure trove, the website is easy to navigate and has products for women and men. They stock a wide variety of brands. We found Lenglin Munich, the first perfume house in Munich creating beautiful luxury perfumes to Salt by Hendrix, an Australian brand dedicated to consciously creating clean beauty products.

Fueled by the passion to prioritize your health and the environment with effective and consciously produced products that are performance driven and mindful of our environment and ecosystem.

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