Leave-In Molecular Repair Hair Mask.

The weather and water here can take its toll on our hair.  There are days when our tresses just refuses to cooperate and we open up our beauty cabinet to find a product that can help.  Sometimes however, a serum or other de-frizz products are just not enough.

This is why we were eager to try out the K18 leave-in Molecular Repair Hair Mask. We had been hearing great things about this product and by the time it arrived at our door we had high expectations. Promising to create hair like new, it works deeper into the inner layers of hair than traditional repair products. Made with a revolutionary patented K18Peptide™ it  reconnects broken keratin chains, renewing hair with strength, softness, smoothness, and bounce. You can feel and see the difference with the first use.

The instructions are simple-once you shampoo your hair do not condition it, instead towel dry and apply 1 pump of the K18 Mask and add more as needed depending on the length, thickness, and condition. You must work evenly into hair from ends to roots, one pump at a time. Then let sit for 4 minutes to activate and do NOT rinse out. You can then style your hair as usual.

Although we tend to get lazy when it comes to applying masks, but this one is worth taking some time out for as it requires no extra effort. To see best results you must use it for the first 4-6 consecutive washes, then every 3-4 washes as needed to maintain hair strength.

K18Peptide™ is clinically proven to reverse damage in just 4 minutes.

  • Heals damage from bleach, color, chemical services, and heat
  • Restores strength, softness, smoothness, and bounce
  • Doesn’t wash away with shampoo, leaving lasting results
  • Vegan, color-safe, cruelty-free

The results really do speak for themselves and this is one hair mask we are now keeping a backup of in our beauty closet!

The K18 Leave-In Molecular Repair Hair Mask is available on Ounass, Cult Beauty and Beauty Tribe. 





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