Pixi Double Cleanse Caroline Hirons UAE

The skincare guru Caroline Hirons has created a cleanser for Pixi Beauty.

When Caroline Hirons recommends a product, we listen.  The ultimate skincare guru, Caroline Hirons is a qualified Aesthetician, who tells it like it is.  Her latest achievement is the Double Cleanse that she has created for Pixi Beauty.  A first of its kind, the Double Cleanse is two cleansers in one pot!

Neatly divided into two parts, the first one is a solid cleanser that will take off makeup (it should only be used in the evening).  Part two, can be used in the morning or then after the part one, to clean the face.

Double Cleanse has been made for all skin types and is easy to carry even when you travel. Part one is made with solid oil that is a blend of vitamin E, omega-rich camellia oil to enhance elasticity and healing evening primrose), this will help clean the face from pollutants and makeup. The cleansing cream is made with a unique cocktail of vitamin C, arginine and the peptide complex and will help build collagen and keep the skin looking and feeling healthy.

To use in the PM daily follow the instructions below:
• Step 1: Apply a coin size amount of solid cleansing oil onto dry skin. Massage into skin. Remove with moist facecloth or water
• Step 2: Double cleanse by following with the application of a coin size amount of cleansing cream onto skin, massaging thoroughly then removing with moist facecloth

Double Cleanse by Caroline Hirons is ideal for all those who are devoted to taking care of their skin.

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