The wholesome Iftar menu at Tàn Chá is one you won’t regret trying.

We usually prefer to have Iftar at home but there was one invitation that we couldn’t say turn down. Our favorite new Asian restaurant in town, Tàn Chá has curated a special menu for iftar during the holy month of Ramadan. Tàn Chá brings the best of Hong Kong to Dubai and the carefully planned Iftar menu is one that will surely impress all diners.

Promising guests a unique adventure into the world of Chinese cuisine, the iftar spread is truly delicious. To celebrate the holy month of community and reflection, Tàn Chá introduces its made-to-share Iftar menu, curated for those looking to break their fast with a contemporary authentic Chinese culinary experience.

Imagined by Tàn Chá’s legendary Chef David, the Iftar menu includes includes mouthwatering options like the classic prawn dumplings, steamed Wagyu beef buns, crispy prawn wontons, custard buns, stir-fried chicken udon, wild mushrooms and vegetable noodles and of course everyone’s favorite stir-fried tulip cake to name a few. The spread is not only unique in its flavor combinations but it is also presented beautifully.

The prawn toast covered with black and white sesame and served with wasabi mayo is one of our favorites. Another unique dish that really caught our attention is the sichuanese poached veg wonton-the yoke was cooked in the sesame and chili sauce and then drizzled over the jicama, shiitake mushroom and zucchini filled wonton.

Soup is always an iftar staple for us and at Tàn Chá’s the sweet corn soup has its own unique twist. The hearty corn cream soup includes a medley of vegetables but the surprise element of the sweet popcorn is what really made it a winner for us.

To make the occasion extra special, Tàn Chá’s tea sommelier, Jennifer has curated a special selection of teas that pair perfectly with the dim sum. She introduced us to the different teas available and explained the benefits and other details that we found absolutely fascinating. Our dining experience was definitely further elevated with the comforting teas and the knowledge we gained from her, including how to say thank you to the sommelier with just a simple hand gesture.

So, if you are in the mood for stepping out of the house for iftar, then this is the one we recommend!

Tàn Chá  is located in JW Marriott Marquis – Business Bay

The Iftar menu will be served daily from 6:30pm to 8:00pm.

Price: 400 AED per person

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