Stomping Grounds Cafe in Dubai

Stomping Ground is the latest specialty coffee hub located in Jumeirah.

The coffee craze in Dubai is showing no signs of slowing down. We love that there are new joints opening up all over town that are serving carefully sourced, exotic blends of coffee.

As die-hard coffee fans ourselves, we have discovered Stomping Grounds, a coffee specialty hub in Jumeirah.

The décor inside is industrial yet comfortable. The outdoors is relaxed and comfortable and although facing a road, it feels quite intimate.

Stomping Grounds 1

The coffee menu is extensive and there is something for every palette. The espresso base coffees include, short black, long black, piccolo, magic (our favorite), flat white, cappuccino and latte. There is an option to order it in the house blend or then microlot.

If you are picky about your coffee preferences then the filter brews are worth a try. The waiters and baristas are all happy to explain the unique characters of each blend and style including cold drip, cold brew, streampunk, chemex, kalita, aeropress and V60.

There is also a food menu offering breakfast and all-day dining options. We can definitely see this spot becoming a regular ‘stomping grounds’ for when we want to enjoy a good cup of coffee with friends and family or simply bring our laptop and work for a few hours.

Stomping Grounds in Dubai

 Stomping Grounds (Coffee prices start at 15 AED)
Villa #98, 12D Street (Corner 51 St)

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