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Salad Jar is the latest healthy food delivery option in Dubai.

We are all guilty of eating badly when life gets hectic.  Work and other commitments can really come in the way of eating healthy food.  This is why we were excited to try Salad Jar, a homegrown healthy food delivery that offers the innovative new concept of salad in a jar delivered straight to your doorstep.

When our ordered arrived (exactly on time) we could see the layers of superfoods neatly packed in through the transparent jar-it almost looked too pretty to eat.  The instructions are simple-refrigerate till ready to eat and then shake the bottle well so that all the ingredients combine and the dressing gets mixed in.

We tried D’s salad a mix of quinoa, chickpea, green bean, red pepper, ra​isins, feta and sweet potato accompanied with a light dijon mustard & vinaigrette dressing.  Filling and wholesome it was an absolute delight of fresh flavours.

Our personal favourite was the New York inspired, Desert Chop made with chickpeas, red pepper, cucumber, cabbage, kidney bean, tomato, asparagus, feta and dates.  An interesting combination that was enhanced by the honey lime vinaigrette dressing.

There is a variety of different salad combinations to choose from and they come in two different sizes priced at 35 AED for the regular size and 42 AED for the large.  You can go online and choose your salad and also check the exact breakdown of the calories.

We personally adore the concept and love that its healthy, nutrient dense, plant strong and tastes so delicious!  Definitely a number we want to keep on our speed dial for the days that we have no time to prepare our own meals.

Salad Jar
Tel: +971555613590




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