Authentic and joyful Greek cuisine in the heart of Jumeirah Dar Al Wasl Mall.

Our friends from BB Social have recently launched their latest dining venture in Dar Wasl Mall. An authentic Greek restaurant called Philotimos, the name roughly translates to ‘love of honor’. Staying true to the ethos of this name the menu focuses on local produce and supporting UAE-based farms.

The decor with whitewashed walls is that of a typical Greek taverna and is accentuated with plenty of dried mountain flowers adorning the tables. The menu has a wide array of appetizers that are a big part of any Greek table. From tzatziki, aubergine dip to taramasalata and a feta dip, the cold appetizers are comforting and tasty. The dakos salad another Greek staple is refreshing and the fries topped with feta and oregano as the perfect accompaniment to the mezze spread. We still can’t stop thinking about the fantastic Saganaki drizzled with honey.

In the mains the juicy and tender chicken souvlaki that is cooked on a charcoal grill is simply outstanding. For a healthier option the grilled fish will transport you straight to the seaside.

One can’t leave without trying the absolutely moorish Loukoumades. The deep fried balls are deep-fried to crispy perfection and drizzled with chocolate sauce. The wild mountain tea will help you wash it all down.

The home-style meal is comforting and wholesome. This is an ideal spot to go with a group of friends as there are so many delightful dishes to try.

Philotimos is located at Dar Wasl Mall. 

+971-55 556 1937



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