Agora by Myrra offers an exciting menu of food and drinks where you can relax and enjoy a good time with like-minded leading women.

Myrra at Club Vista Mare is a delightful restaurant with a relaxed ambiance. Adding to the restaurant’s whimsical and al fresco vibe, the history of Myrra has an enchanting story in both Greece and Spain.

In Greek mythology, the Myrr tree was created from Myrra, an immortal woman who was transformed into a tree for her own protection against her father. This tree is known for its natural gum found in its tiny thorns, however legend claims that Myrra’s tears became the sap.

In Spanish “mira” means “Look here!”, and “wonderful” in the Romance Languages.

Offering a journey across the Greek and Spanish islands, the menu consists of heartful flavours from across Greece and Spain with a modern twist. So, if you’re after a taste of the Mediterranean you’re in the right place and with access to the beach, ambiance and contemporary food, Myrra is ideal for friends and families.

The restaurant has recently launched Agora by Myrra-which is their way to celebrate women. Taking place every Wednesday night from 7pm, they offer an eclectic menu of some of their most popular dishes and drinks at a special price. In case you are wondering, the portions aren’t reduced by the prices most definitely are! So it really is a fabulous way to experience Myrra and its delicious food.

Start with a Greek salad and go onto the grilled calamari, tuna tartare, feta wrapped in pastry and finally the shrimp cooked in a hearty red sauce. The dishes are all exploding with flavor and made with the freshest of seasonal ingredients. You can end the meal with the classic greek yogurt and the Spanish French toast.

Agora by Myrra gives that right energy women look for on a night out, with the perfect surroundings to inspire feminine positivity.

Agora by Myrra takes place every Wednesday night from 7pm. 

Myrra is located at Club Vista Mare at Palm Jumeirah
+ 971 4 770 1433





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