21 GRAMS  Urban Balkan Bistro is a warm and cozy spot to try.

After discreetly swinging by for a quick coffee on their opening day, we were delighted to receive an official invitation to review of 21 Grams, the first of its kind, urban Balkan Bistro in Dubai.  Centrally located on Jumeirah Beach Road inside the Park Regis Boutique Hotel, it will entice you in with the smell of freshly baked pastries and coffee.

The minimal decor with its natural light and warm tones gives this bistro that cozy vibe we don’t often find here.  There is also a small balcony for those who want to get some fresh air.

The extensive menu, carefully executed by a true Balkan Bedouin, Head Chef Uros, dishes up a fresh, authentic selection including a gypsy toast with kaymak & ajvar, grilled ćevapi with onions and red pepper, meat and cheese burek and traditional Balkan pies – as well as chocolate hazelnut baklava and other tempting sweets.

We tried the Poached eggs in pindjur (52 AED)- a delightful spicy tomato and pepper relish that we wiped clean.  The fried free range egg (48 AED) was served inside homemade flat bread with kajmak (clotted cream) and beef bus.  A filling and very delicious combination that we can’t stop thinking about.   There is a long list of mezze dishes to choose from on the breakfast menu.  We also ordered the Urnebes (14 AED)-a red hot chilli cheese that we scooped up with the sourdough.

21 GRAMS is a vibrant bistro serving honest, wholesome soul food from the mountains, valleys and coasts of the Balkans.

21 GRAMS is located on the corner of Jumeirah road/Al Thanya road, at the Park Regis Boutique Jumeirah.
Telephone: +971 04 349 07 44
Open daily from 7 am to 11:30 pm.




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