JARFUL cakes in jars
JARFUL cakes in jar

We can’t ever resist dessert in any form and that is exactly why we were up for trying a rather peculiar sounding, cupcake in a jar!

Yes it sounds questionable, but in fact is a really unique, and quirky concept, and definitely not something we have seen before.

The Dubai-based business run by the owner and chef is all about baking bespoke cupcakes, cheesecakes and other local sweets and serving them in a rustic style jar.

With all types of different flavors and types including baklava and sticky pudding all homemade you can in fact order bespoke desserts that you love most.

Desserts in a jar are not only a fun way to serve guests but also a way to keep the calorie count down by hopefully only picking one jar per sitting!

Jarful has teamed up with Dubai confidential to offer its readers a complimentary customized jar when they place an order of 6 of any dessert of their choice. The offer is valid for two weeks from the 22nd of September and should not be missed ! OFFER EXPIRED 


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