Belcanto Restaurant at Dubai Opera is hosting a never-seen before Surreal Gastro Theatre.

Starting from November 21st, Belcanto Restaurant at Dubai Opera is hosting the immersive show “SURREAL GASTRO THEATRE”. Featuring a total of 68 performances, the show presented by WHAT ELSE makes its Dubai debut, boasting an immersive theatre and exquisite dining. 

Here’s the enticing twist: every guest plays an integral role in this captivating performance. It’s a tale of love and passion set against the backdrop of Belcanto’s bohemian atmosphere. A detective love story, this enticing mystery is divided into ten segments, with each character serving as both witness and perpetrator at the same time. Discover each character’s darkest secrets through an unforgettable experience as you engage all senses, from the striking visuals to tempting aromas and distinctive flavours. 

The cast, dancers, models, and waiting staff wear elaborate themed costumes, with some wearing floor-length black gowns and masks, signifying the depersonalization of identity. 

This is more than just a dinner or lunch, it is art that touches all our senses and allows guests to immerse themselves in an exciting world of flavors, aromas and fascinating stories. 

In keeping with the noir storytelling, the show takes place at Dubai Opera’s Belcanto rooftop restaurant, which carries European styling and aesthetics, including wood, emerald greens, red cordovan hues, heavy velvets, and a striking crystal chandelier. 

The show unfolds not only on stage but also on the plates of each visitor as each chef will present a five-course culinary masterpiece with six hints that are tied to the captivating detective story. As an example, one of the segments of the story features a forgotten actress paired with a dish presented on a clock moving backwards, a symbol of her fleeting fame. 

The dining experience is presented by the culinary duo consisting of Italian chef Fabrizio Lusenti, currently the Head Chef of Belcanto Restaurant.

This is a breathtaking blend of theatrical performance and gourmet dinner filled with intrigue, plot twists and a gripping atmosphere.

Tickets for the Surreal Gastro Theatre can be purchased here. 

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