The must-have kitchen device Thermomix is available in Dubai.

If you’re looking for a gift for a keen cook, we’ve found an appliance that will transform the time spent in their kitchen – the Thermomix.

We’ve all been driven into a frenzy about this appliance, which is about to set off a feeding frenzy in our kitchens. Other kitchen appliances should be quaking in their boots, as this single item can replace them all. It chops, it cooks, it steams, it weighs, it blends, it mixes, it stirs… We’re in love! Throw your most complicated dish at the Thermomix and it will rise to the challenge like a Michelin-starred chef. A béchamel sauce? It takes just seven minutes to cook it to perfection. Fresh bread? Thermomix takes mere minutes to knock up any type of dough. A three-berry sorbet? Easy peasy.

Created in Germany 50 years ago, Thermomix is the “crème de la crème” of cooking utensils. It is only sold through a distributer in Dubai and luckily for us, we were invited to join a demonstration that had us instantly hooked.

Anthie, the representative of the brand, organises demonstrations at her client’s homes. She taught us how to cook a three-course meal (creamy mushroom soup with homemade herbed parmesan bread, steamed salmon with vegetables and potatoes with a red pepper sauce, followed by fresh strawberry ice cream) in just one hour and 15 minutes!

For all gourmets, dinner party lovers, and stressed-out mothers and fathers who have a family to cook for, Thermomix will change your life. It can be a little noisy and it’s certainly not cheap, but these are concessions we are willing to live with.

Thermomix is  4,550 AED with a two-year warranty, a recipe book and a cooking class. For further information send an email to with THERMOMIX in the title.



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