New Coffee Shop at MOE Dubai

% Arabica is a specialty coffee shop from Kyoto now in Dubai.

Originally from Kyoto, % Arabica is now in Dubai.  The décor is minimal and the bench seating also makes it the ideal place to bring your laptop and work. We love the bare walls and clean setting.

Kenneth Shoji founded % Arabica because of his need to have ‘an amazing cup of coffee everyday’. He went on to buy a coffee farm in Hawaii, started a bean trading company, became the sole exporter of a Japanese roasting machine called Tornado King and sole distributor of one of the best espresso machines in the world called Slayer.

Coffee at % Arabica

The menu is split into Espresso Based coffees including espresso, espresso macchiato, café latte and Americano. There is also the Spanish Latte served hot or iced and with a choice of either blend (22 AED) or then single origin (AED 27). The Spanish Latte is their best-seller. It is a regular latte made with condensed milk, which gives it that extra sweetness.

For the coffee purists there are the drip based options served short or then brewed in a chemex (AED 33).

% Arabica is the ideal place to get your caffeine fix when you are shopping in Dubai Mall or then hanging out in CityWalk.

% Arabica Coffee 

Shop 167, Ground Floor (near the Aquarium)

Dubai Mall 
















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