Kino Cafe is housed inside Kinokuniya, the biggest bookstore located in Dubai Mall.

We have always loved Kinokuniya, the Japanese bookstore that houses more than half a million books and hundreds of magazines.  Safely tucked between the books there is a brightly lit café that has 25 tables and an indoor and outdoor space.  The bright sunlight, comfortable seating and zen-like décor have made us regulars.

Overlooking the dancing fountains and the majestic Burj Khalifa, the café offers a range of items on its menu.  From the basic iced drinks and juices to Japanese snacks like Edamame.  There are wrap sandwiches and chicken curry, but what caught our attention was the special Japanese coffee, ‘Sumiyaki’ and the range of green teas selection.
The coffee is prepared on the counter in a rather scientific way.  They use apparatus that looks like light bulbs to heat the water in and then attach it to another bottle that contains the coffee.  The aroma is rich and pleasant and the flavor is smooth and subtle.
The staff is extremely friendly, there is free wi-fi and the food is fresh and healthy.  As much as we love hustle and bustle there is a sense of calmness in the air at the café that is very appealing.  Take a break and head over to the Kino Café to enjoy the simple pleasures of life, a good book and a cup of coffee.

Kino Café is within Kinokuniya
Dubai Mall
Tel: 04-434 0111 

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