Indulge in the charm of Iftar at Hutong.

In the spirit of Ramadan, Hutong invited us to try their Iftar menu that offers an extraordinary journey of a fusion of Chinese traditions and vibrant flavors. Welcoming guests for a collective spirit of togetherness, the venue has meticulously curated an Iftar set menu, that features some of the most-loved dishes from their fiery Asian menu.

We broke the fast with a date and water and then commenced  with a choice between the soul-soothing Golden Pumpkin Soup with Chilean Cod or the flavorful Hot & Sour Soup with Chicken. The pumpkin soup here is a must-try!

The starters are a trio of delights: the vibrant Duck Bao with Green Chilli, the succulent Hutong Prawn Roll, and the innovative Mapo Tofu Millefeuille. We dipped these in the homemade chilli sauce that was fantastic-in fact we had to ask for a few extra servings, that how quickly we were scooping it up.

For the middle course, the star was a tantalizing Steamed Dim Sum Platter, or you could opt for the luxurious Black Truffle Har Gow, the flavourful Prawn & Chicken Siu Mai, or the indulgent Charcoal Beef Xiao Long Bao.

We then took a bit of a break before the main course was brought out. This was well worth the wait as it was a joyful symphony of flavors, featuring the delicate Stir-fried Seabass Fillet with Ginger, the aromatic Kung Po Fresh King Oyster Mushroom, and the comforting Hutong Egg Fried Rice.

We concluded this culinary journey on a sweet note with the delectable Silk Road Sweets, a trio featuring the richness of Caramel Date, the luscious Custard Millefeuille, the Sour Plum Millefeuille, and Frosted Walnuts.

Complementing this gastronomic ensemble is the specially crafted mocktail, Oasis, a harmonious blend of 24-hour clarified punch, dates, pineapple, yuzu, coconut, and Oolong tea. Each sip echoes the tranquility of Ramadan evenings.

Hutong is truly embracing the spirit of Ramadan-it is where the artistry of Chinese cuisine meets the warmth of shared moments.


Duration: Month of Ramadan

Time: Bookings available between 6:30pm-7pm

Price: AED 248 (includes five-course set iftar menu)

Hutong is located at Gate Building 6, DIFC.

+971 4 220 0868

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