The People of Sand

The People Of Sand is an online concept store offering carefully curated items with influences across Scandinavia, Bohemia, Rock and Roll and California.

Is your style edgy, bohemian and rock and roll?  For those of you who have a more diverse and niche taste, it is always a struggle to find anything that goes with your personal sensibilities in stores at the Mall.

We just discovered The People Of Sand, an online concept store that caters to anyone who has a unique sense of style-Scandinavian, Bohemian, Rock and Roll and Californian.  Yes, that’s right you can now shop online through their eclectic mix of accessories and home decor if you want something that has a more unconventional style.

The People of Sand 2

The People Of Sand has identified both trends and independent brands with product ranges including home décor, and fashion.  The inventory consists of a carefully curated selection that is handpicked by a community of stylists and interior designers from Barcelona, Paris and Berlin.

There are new products being added on a monthly basis.

The People of Sand 3



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