The Face Shop Mask sheets

Korean sheet masks are an affordable and effective beauty secret.

Let’s face it trying to maintain good, healthy skin in Dubai can be a huge challenge.  The weather can really takes its toll on the skin and we can’t just keep rushing for facials to keep the pores unclogged and the skin from getting congested.

Since we all know that Korean beauty products are revolutionary we were curious about their latest beauty trend that seems to be taking the world by storm-korean sheet masks.

Yes, that’s right these beauty-game changers are really effective and affordable.  There are so many different types to choose from-each one has its own benefits and has been made to solve a certain issue and the results are impressive.

Easy to use, all you need to do is cleanse the face and then apply the sheet to your face for a maximum of 30 minutes.  Peel off once your time is done and viola, you have a perfectly plumped and hydrated face.

Usually made of  microfiber, they are always oozing with plenty of natural goodness including different botanical ingredients and vitamins.  We personally love the soothing sensation against the skin ideal after spending a long day out in the Dubai heat.  The ideal travel companions, korean sheet masks are the must-have for every beauty bag.

Our personal favourite is the Green Tea Mask by The Face Shop.  A soothing sheet that instantly calms the skin down and gets rid of any redness and also leaves the face looking plumped.

Korean Sheet Masks (15AED) are available at The Face Shop at Al Thanya Mall, Al Thanya Street

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