BeoPlay A2 in Dubai

BeoPlay A2, the iconic device that makes music not only sound better but also looks gorgeous

After creating a buzz abroad in all the home and decor magazines over the last few months, BeoPlay A2 by Bang & Olufsen has finally been released in Dubai. And well, it looks as if music and design lovers were on the hunt for it because this iconic product has already flown off the shelves. Don’t worry because B&O have ordered more stock.

So, what exactly is BeoPlay A2? An elegant portable bluetooth speaker that can feature a full stereo experience named “True 360 sound” with up to 24 hours battery life.

Compact in size and with contemporary lines, it looks like the perfect portable device that you can take anywhere. It can be hanging on a wall as an art masterpiece, or taken outdoors for a party in the garden, or then accompany you on your next ‘glamping’ weekend or used at the beach.

We just love the stylish look (perfect for men and women) with the leather strap and sophisticated colors; black, grey and copper and camouflage green.

The device can also remember up to 8 users which allows anyone in the family to play their personalized song list.

As usual, beauty and technology has a price and this unique sound system costs 1,740 AED.

Bang & Olufsen
Dubai Mall
Tel: +971 4 339 93 14


© Photos : Bang & Olufsen

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