accent laser treatment dubai
accent laser treatment dubai

Sometimes stubborn deposits of weight can be impossible to tackle, no matter how many laps you swim in your pool or how many gallons of apple cider vinegar you gulp.

That’s why the new and advanced Accent laser is a blessing for the body conscious: non-evasive fat melting that you can do in your lunch break. Using radio frequency to break down fat in several half-hour to one-hour sessions, Accent is the only system on the market to use two types of radio frequency technology – bipolar and unipolar – providing controlled tissue heating on two separate depths of skin tissue, enhancing metabolism and draining fat cells.

Aesthetica Clinic has carved a niche in the image-obsessed Middle East. Run by a team of qualified medical professionals overseen by the renowned Dr Maria Khattar, the clinic is often the first to bring revolutionary aesthetic solutions to the region. According to Dr Maria,

“Radio frequency is the energy source that is going to take over everything. I am completely enamoured by it.”

If it manages to get rid of the ripples on our thighs, then so are we. After just one session we felt a little tighter, so we’re champing at the bit to see what a package of eight will do.

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