Have you ever tasted Sugarcane juice? The highly nutritious, natural drink (which is suitable for even diabetics) is extremely popular in Asia, Africa, and South America – but until now, we’ve struggled to find it in Dubai without getting lost in the backstreets of Deira or the maze of the old city. So when we found it available to buy by the glass in Al Wasl Plaza (18 AED), we knew we’d stumbled upon a real gem.
With a pale mustard-green colour, it may not be the most appealing drink visually – but you will be hooked from the first sip. The sweet, refreshing flavour is instantly hydrating and cooling – the perfect thirst-quencher for those scorching summer days.
The drink is also known for its health benefits, including fighting off the cold, strengthening the kidneys and other organs, fighting off jaundice, and aiding digestion. It’s definitely worth the calories!
So next time you are near Al Wasl road, we recommend stopping at the quaint café and watching the staff extract the fresh juice in front of your eyes. It’s an exotic and original experience – and your body will thank you for it.

Kebab Bistro
Al Wasl Plaza (Just before the Emirate Post Station on Al Wasl Road)
Tel: +9714-3493936

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