The Selfish Bull is located at Bluewater’s Island.

The Selfish Bull is tucked away under the vast height of the Ain Dubai, at Bluewaters Dubai. The cozy restaurant has an inviting terrace with wicker chairs and tables that have direct views of the stunning Dubai Marina skyline.

Spread over two floors, there is an open kitchen and wood-fire stove on the bottom floor. Upstairs the atmosphere is a lot more private with booth seating and a few tables by the windows.

This is a quintessential grilled steak and seafood restaurant offering a mix of cuts of meat alongwith crab, lobster and prawns.

We were presented with a set menu that began with baked camembaret topped with honey and truffle and served with a side of garlic bread. An indulgent starter, it really hit the spot.

The iceberg salad sounded simple but was a delightful surprise when it came to our table. A full head of lettuce topped with a creamy dressy and pieces of corn and pistachio for that extra crunch. This was hands down our favourite of the night.

The mains included steak and veal chops and were followed by cheesecake.

The Selfish Bull is a great new addition to the buzzing dining scene at Bluewaters Dubai.

The Selfish Bull, Bluewaters Island

+971 4 399 3638

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