Tàn Chá brings the best of Hong Kong to Dubai.

When it comes to new Asian restaurants, we always want to be the first to try them. Our most recent culinary adventure was at Tàn Chá, that has just opened its doors in the heart of Dubai, at the JW Marriott Marquis – Business Bay, and promises guests a unique adventure into the world of Chinese cuisine.

Tàn Chá is the encounter of contemporary Hong Kong with the millenary flavours and textures of provincial China. The result is a highly-sensory iconic and intimate space that combines authentic contemporary Chinese dishes with invigorating drinks, live music and art installations.

Spread across two floors and five uniquely different rooms–– each with a Chinese name: Bā (Chinese for eight), Lǎohǔ (tiger), Húlí (fox), Tùzî (rabbit), Yángtái (terrace) –– diners are invited to immerse themselves in the theatrics of  a labyrinth-like journey of discovery.

Carrying forward Tàn Chá’s dynamic spirit, is a comprehensive menu ranging from yu sheng, dim sum, wok and siu mei, to name a few of its categories, which pairs perfectly with their signature cocktails. Plant-based eaters will be delighted by the extensive amount of vegan dishes crafted with plant-based Omni.

We began with prawn toast and soft-shell crab tempura style. Both these dishes were some of the best we have ever tried and with the accompaniment of the homemade chili garlic sauce, the flavors were elevated further.

The truffle bao bun was absolutely amazing! The presentation wow-ed us as the bao was disguised into a mushroom and it wasn’t until we took a bite we recognized that soft pillowy texture of a bao. It really is a must-have.

In the mains we tried the seafood udon noodles that were comforting and delicious. The mapu tofu had a nice kick to it and really hit the spot. The triple-cooked Honey Nut Crispy Beef, sprinkled with Huang Fei Hong peanuts came highly recommended-tender and juicy with just the perfect balance of flavors we quickly wiped the plate clean.

We saw a lot of tables order the Signature Peking Duck that we will be back to try very soon.

The entire gastronomic journey is heightened by sounds meticoulously curated by Tony Mendes, Tàn Chá’s Music Director.

Tàn Chá is a welcome new addition that brings a contemporary twist to Chinese food.

Tàn Chá  is located in JW Marriott Marquis – Business Bay


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