Marea DIFC entrance

This acclaimed restaurant from New York is now open in Dubai.

When we first heard that Marea, a Michelin-starred restaurant from New York was coming to Dubai, it piqued our interest.

Set in DIFC, this highly anticipated Italian restaurant fits right in and is exactly what the buzzing district needed. The decor is upscale and modern with white tables and an elegant bar but the atmosphere is casual and approachable.

The menu is full of Italian favorites from the coastal side of Italy with authentic and rich flavors. We began with a plate of delicate crudos with creative twists-tuna with oyster crema and crispy artichoke to yellowtale with olivada, crispy capers and fried basil-the pairings are all perfect.

Crudo at Marea DIFC

Crudo Tasting at Marea DIFC


Calamare Fritti at Marea DIFC

Our order of calamari fritti was crispy and dusted with seasoned flour-we dipped it in the cold sauce gribiche and didn’t leave a crumb on the plate.

Lobster served on a creamy burrata with eggplant and basil was a luscious will please even the most non-adventurous of diners.

We swooned over the grilled octopus that was served with fregola, apricot and drizzled with black olive oil.

Grilled octopus served with fregola, apricot and drizzled with black olive oil

For our mains, we picked the signature house made seafood spaghetti. This dish with fresh clams and oysters transported us straight to the Mediterranean coast.

Seafood Spaghetti at Marea DIFC

The hearty gnocchi dish of ricotta dumplings, san Marzano tomatoes, burrata and basil is delectable and an absolute treat.

Marea is a great new address if you find yourself in the mood for an authentic Italian feast.

Business Lunch at Marea DIFC

Business Lunch at Marea DIFC

Marea is located in Gate Village 7, DIFC

+9714- 4 583 6366



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