Bebabel in Dubai Mall is the ideal place to host out of town guests.

We were recently invited to Bebabel, a chic new Lebanese restaurant in the luxurious new wing of Dubai Mall.

The indoor seating is sleek and modern, but it was the outdoor space that wow-ed us completely. Overlooking the Dubai Fountains, the large terrace has plenty of seating and we chose to pick a couch with an uninterrupted view of the dancing fountains.

Belabel Hallway at Dubai mall

Belabel Terrace at Dubai Mall

Serving Lebanese cuisine with a modern twist, we were tempted to try most items on the menu-. We began with a delicious mezze trio of hummous pesto, artichoke with coriander and hendbeh (sautéed dandelions with crispy onions).

The fattoush salad is always mandatory when eating Levant cuisine, and the one at Bebabel was packed with flavor.

The restaurant has their own healthy take on spaghetti. A stir-fry of zucchini, beetroot and carrot, served with grilled prawns and fresh mango. It is topped with a refreshing ginger dressing. Saletti Bahri is low in calories yet tastes fabulous. It was a hit on our table.

Saletti Bahri

The chicken with halloumi cheese Tarha is a piping hot flatbread, that is a moreish and we must confess, we quickly gobbled it all up.

Our final dish was the grilled prawn served with an array of sauces and baked potato salad-a delectable dish that was lightly spiced.

Bebabel takes the fusion approach and stretches beyond the traditional dishes with a nod to different cultures and other cuisines. The result is inventive dishes that are well-executed.


Fashion Avenue, Dubai Mall



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