Love strong, freshly brewed coffee, but fed up of fiddly machines and washing up? Heading away on a camping trip or holiday, but don’t want to miss out on your much-loved cups of coffee? We have found the solution to your coffee woes, with the ingenious disposable coffee pouches by Growers Cup.

Growers Cup is probably the simplest, most convenient way to get a quality coffee hit without a cafetiere. Best described as a disposable French Press, each pouch contains 26g of freshly ground specialty coffee. Simply open the pouch, pour in hot water, wait 5-8 minutes for it to brew, pour into mugs (up to three mugs per pouch), and then toss the used pouch into the bin.

The unique brewing system is designed to preserve the coffee’s natural oils, which enhances the delicate flavours and finer aromas. The coffee itself is very high quality (from the top 1% of the best coffees in the world) and is both organic and Fairtrade.

Not only will the pouches ensure that you get your favourite hot drink wherever you are – but they will also make fantastic gifts for coffee lovers.

Growers Cup is available to buy in packs of five from for £10.99 (roughly 63 AED), with shipping to the UAE available from $6.30 (roughly 23 AED).

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