simsim palestinian homemade food
simsim palestinian homemade food

Simsim located on JBR walk serves traditional Levantine food in a contemporary setting.

One of the many advantages of living in Dubai is the opportunity to try cuisine from the Middle East – and we know of a Levantine eatery, that we can’t get enough of.

With contemporary Arab décor, SimSim is certainly visually appealing.  The walls are covered in popular Arabic phrases and the art installations are best described as fascinating.  But the décor is not all that is enticing about this cosy, homegrown restaurant; the food sets the bar very high.

We started our meal with Fattoush Gazawi; a traditional Gaza salad. The usual ingredients were included (lettuce, cucumber, onion and tomatoes) but what made this dish unique was a slightly tart and spicy sesame paste.  Light and delicious it is the perfect way to describe it – the ideal start to the meal.

We also tried one of the house specialties; Arayes Simsim. The pita is stuffed with minced meat, with a sprinkling of sesame seeds. It might be a little heavy, but the dish is packed with flavour and definitely shouldn’t be overlooked.

For our main, we ordered one of our all-time favourite Palestinian dishes; Musakhan Dajaj.  The chicken was perfectly cooked and fell from the bone, whilst the onions gave it a slightly sweet flavour along with a generous sprinkling of almonds to add a nice crunch. A winning dish.

Despite being located in an area heavy with traffic (JBR Walk !) , Simsim will keep tempting you back for more.

Sadaf 4 (opposite Meydan Beach Club)
JBR Walk

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