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Zurna serves authentic Turkish food in Dubai and is located in Al Wasl Square.

There aren’t many Turkish restaurants in Dubai that have tempted us to head back for a return visit, so we were thrilled to discover a new small eatery with a modern design, trendy vibe, and wide choice of authentic Turkish cuisine cooked to perfection.

The menu is packed with all usual Turkish favourites, including the calorie-filled (but absolutely delicious) cheese-filled pastries Pacaga Boregi.  Other dishes include their version of meat pizza Lamachun and a selection of refreshing Mezzeh made with fresh vegetables, yogurt, and dill.

There’s a large choice of grilled meats and chicken, but we were drawn towards the Adana Kebab; meat grilled to perfection and served with rice, green chillies and thin pieces of bread with onion and sumac.

Located centrally, we have found a new favourite and will definitely be back to try more soon.

Al Hadiqa Street (along Al Safa Park)
Al Wasl Square
Tel: +9715-28759325

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