Chocolate lover? Get your fix in Al Barsha, where two different stores are vying for our affections with their delicious chocolate brownies !

The first store is Brownie Point, where there’s a large selection of different brownies to take your pick from, such as Chocolate Hazlenut Fudge, Swiss Chocolate Chip, and Chocolate Walnut Fudge. We recommend keeping it simple by ordering the Chocolate (Plain) for 5 AED – a light and tasty brownie that definitely hits the spot. If you like it, why not satisfy your cravings even further by buying the brownies per kilogram (50 AED)? If there isn’t room in the fridge, you’ll just have to eat them in one go…

The second store is Oushe Gourmet Bakeshop (see photo on the right), where the melt-in-the-mouth chocolate brownies are more than double the price at 12 AED. They have a darker flavour than those at Brownie Point and definitely win the taste test for us. The Legendary Brownie (it deserves its name) is moist in texture and literally melts in the mouth. Chocaholics will be in heaven!

Which one do you prefer? Why not head to Al Barsha and challenge yourself to a taste test – we have a feeling it won’t be much of a chore…

Please note that we have reviewed these places anonymously !

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