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Vietnamese food in dubai

Vietnamese Foodies serves the best Pho in Dubai.

We have been following Lily, a Vietnamese chef who offers cooking workshops in Dubai on Facebook.  Recently we discovered that she was also going to be opening Vietnamese Foodies, her first restaurant in JLT.  As big fans of Vietnamese cuisine, we were counting down the days and were one of the first to visit.

The restaurant is quite cozy despite its simple white-washed walls and a few potted herbs dotted on the tables. There is also terrace seating for when the weather is good.  Although it was just their first week, the place was buzzing when we arrived for dinner.

As lovers of Vietnamese food, we were most keen to try Pho, their national dish of noodle soup.  We picked Pho Bin Chin (21 AED), a beef noodle soup cooked traditionally from beef marrow bones up to 14 hours and served with beef tenderloin.  The colorful dish was complemented by chillies, lemon, beansprouts and basil leaves from Lily’s garden beside the traditional hoisin sauce and chilli sauce.   It was hearty and zingy and we can’t wait to go back for more.

The Rice Paper Shrimp Rolls ( 17 AED) were filled with crunchy vegetables, herbs and we quite enjoyed dipping it in the sharp Nuoc Cham sauce for some extra kick.

The Green Papaya and Prawn Salad (23 AED), had the perfect balance of flavours and was sweet and savory with a crunchy texture.  Another winner on the menu.

Vietnamese Foodies is a charming and affordable neighborhood eatery with food made from the heart.

Vietnamese Foodies

Lake Level, Lake Terrace Tower, cluster D, JLT

Tel: +9714- 5656088


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