keratin hair treatment
keratin hair treatment

At Alain and Milad Salon in the CNBC building, stylist Naji first washes locks with a clarifying shampoo. With hair looking like a birds nest, we panic he’s never going to get a brush through it – maybe it’s all a ruse and he’s actually going to shave it off? – but somehow he manages. Coating each strand with the Keratin mixture, he then blow-dries it section by section to seal the treatment in. Then, when you’ve really got ants in your pants (it takes at least two hours), he straightens it with a hot iron.

You can’t wash it or get it sweaty for three days, so you may find your man disowning you by the end of it – but he’ll soon take you back when he sees the smooth, shiny results that last for at least three months. We’re hooked.

The treatment starts from 1,200 AED  (A Keratin shampoo and conditioner are offered at the end of the treatment).

Alain et Milad salon
Media city  – Building 7
Tel+ 04 390 2815

Prices correct at time of going live (April 2011)

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