vogue sunglass
vogue sunglass

Fashion usually has a 20-year cycle, but it seems we just can’t get enough of the 80’s. Step forward the new Spring/Summer collection from Vogue with their new range of fun, flirty sunglasses.

Featuring the charming lines of the 1980s, Vogue eyewear adds a feminine and cheeky take to these trendy shades. So while their latest range is inspired by the likes of eyewear obsessed fashion icons Madonna, Cindy Lauper, Bananarama and Michael Jackson, they are also thoroughly modern. Which means wearing them with a poodle perm or a fish net glove is an absolute no-no.

Our favourites? The oversized wide and rounded VO 2664S model that is a nod to the whimsical over-the-top attitude of the 80s. With a violet-coloured frame that flows from wisteria to lavender to amethyst in a seductive berry swirl, they’re deliciously fun and elegant. For something a little more retro, go for the tortoiseshell-coloured VO 2669S with the glitzy gold-trimmed decorations on its hinge – they will sweep you straight onto the set of popular television soap Dynasty, only with no sign of any feathered bangs or huge poofy shoulder pads.

A timeless collection that you’ll undoubtedly be bringing out for the next fashion wave in twenty years time.
Available in Dubai from March at selective retailers nationwide

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