Luban Spa is the first spa of its kind offering Frankincense.

We were invited to review Luban Spa, the first of its kind spa in the region featuring the precious Omani frankincense rituals for the body & mind.  Located in Jumeirah, this 5* luxury premises has been exclusively designed for women and offers everything from Hammam, soothing massages, express pampering sessions, facials, body scrubs etc.  Every treatment has been carefully crafted and features the precious Omani Frankincense.

For thousands of years Luban or Frankincense, has been known to be the gift of kings and valued as gold.  Originating in Oman from the Boswellia tree, it has a spicy, woody smell and known for its healing and anti-ageing properties.

The spacious spa has a soothing interior and a total of 9 treatment rooms.  We tried the Luban Bespoke Body Massage, a 90-minute massage (AED 560).  We began with a quick consultation while sipping a glass of cool homemade karkade.

The therapist used frankincense, the “king of oil” to get rid of all the knots and tension in the body.  A sublime massage, it left us feeling completely relaxed and detoxified.

 Luban Spa is located at Umm Suqiem 1sr, villa 100 – Umm El Shief road, Jumeirah, the Spa is open daily from 9 am to 9 pm, and 11am to 8pm on Fridays.

 Telephone: +971 4 346 0000


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