kocostar mask

The Kocostar Slice Mask Sheet is a must-have if you are into K-beauty.

Kocostar is a skincare brand that is part of the Korean beauty—or K-beauty as it’s often called—which is making a huge splash in the world of beauty.  We have been dying to get our hands on their slice mask sheet masks since they first appeared on our Instagram feed.

The skin brightening twelve piece mask sheet has been creatively designed.  We adore the pineapple slice shaped pieces that can be used individually to target specific areas of the face and body. Designed to hydrate and refresh skin you need to apply each slice mask to the desired area.  You must make sure the skin is clean and dry.  Once applied let it absorb for 20-30 minutes and then remove it.  Massage the excess serum into the skin and you are done-there is no rinsing required!

The slice mask sheet hydrates the skin and helps to nourish and refresh it.  Although the piece by piece application from the film is easy to use it can take more time.  We love that you can apply it to problem areas on not just your face but also your neck, arms or legs-basically where it’s necessary!

The Kocostar Slice Mask Sheet is available for 15 AED at ASOS, Wojooh, Namshi, 

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