Ecooking Derma Roller

Check out the Derma Roller by Ecooking, an organic and natural Danish skincare brand.

Although we have tried the Microneedling Facial,  we have always been hugely intimidated at the idea of using a Derma Roller at home. It is a rather scary looking device with tiny needles that pokes holes into the skin, but in truth it helps to reduce fine lines in the skin and postpones the signs of aging and much more.

The Derma Roller by Ecooking, an organic and natural Danish skincare brand, caught our attention because of its minimal, Scandi aesthetic packaging. This brand is the brainchild of a beauty expert who used her years of experience to create her own line from her kitchen table.

The Derma Roller by Ecooking is to be used on face, neck and décolleté. It can be used by both women and men to stimulate the skin and retain the elasticity of the skin.

It will help reduced the following: 

– Dry acne/acne scars (do not use on acne in outbreak)
– Enlarged/deep pores
– Reduction of scars after surgery or burns
– Pigmentation or uneven skin color
– Reduction of wrinkles or fine lines
– Tightening of loose/sagging skin
– Normalization of oily skin
– Rough skin texture


How to use: 
The Ecooking Derma Roller should be used at night once the skin has been thoroughly cleansed. Apply your favourite serum and then start by rolling the Derma Roller with an even but gentle pressure both horizontally/vertically/diagonally.

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