Al Fida Tailor Shop offers affordable bespoke tailoring and embroidery services and is located in the heart of Satwa

Finding a tailor in Dubai is no challenge, but knowing which is the best to walk into is another matter entirely… We’ve been on the lookout for the best tailor in the city for a while now, so when we were highly recommended Al Fida Tailor Shop by a fashion-loving friend, we drove there straight away to try it out.

Offering both tailoring and embroidery services, the shop is based in Satwa. We found them easily, with the shop located next to Emirates Bank, and started with a trial run by asking them to copy a couple of our favourite jersey tops. We were very impressed with the results, so returned with a flattering silk dress from our wardrobe for them to recreate. Each item was copied to perfection and we’re already planning our next trip.

The shop will make or recreate whatever you need – so why not head there with formal work shirts, cocktail dresses, or casual weekend linen pants to take full advantage of their skill? They are able to work with all types of materials and designs, and the prices are very reasonable, starting at just 80 AED for a simple top.

And the timeframe? Unlike most tailors in Dubai, who can keep you waiting for weeks, Al Fida will return your items within a week.

Al Fida
Beside Emirates Bank (close to Satwa Post Office)
Satwa, Dubai
Tel: +9714-3490499

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