Color WOW in Dubai

The at-home solution to cover your roots in between hair colour appointments

Nothing is more annoying than waking up and seeing our roots showing through our hair parting. If you dye your hair for fashion or then to cover up grey hair, then you also know that once the roots start showing it is time to book your next hair colour appointment. But seriously, we don’t have the time nor the money to constantly spend on our hair upkeep.

Till now we didn’t really know of any alternative solution to cover the roots and the ones we have tried did not convince us. We have however, recently discovered Color WOW (210 AED) a temporary roots cover up powder available in six different shades : platinum, blonde, light brown, medium brown, dark brown and black. The good news is that we put it to test and despite our scepticism, it works perfectly.

Firstly we were pleasantly surprised with the packaging- the product is known as a “colorist in a compact” and comes in a makeup style palette with a powder and brush.

Hoes does it work? It couldn’t be more simple as you just have to apply the powder onto your hair with the brush. The powder sticks to the hair and instantly covers the roots and as it is made with a lot of different pigments it blends in with your hair tone.

The mineral powder which stays in place until your next shampoo works well not just for grey roots but also for blond hair with dark roots regrowth.

Small and compact in size, it is the ideal product to keep in your bag for that last-minute root camouflage.

Color WOW Root Cover Up
210 AED
Available in Dubai at Sisters Beauty Lounge, Beauty by Edge, Imar Spa, The White Room, Jam, Blo Dry Bar DXB and Marquee Salon.

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