The C-Boost Facial is ideal for those looking for glowing and radiant skin.

Natalie Kobzar aka on Instagram is our go-to for all skincare needs. Anytime any of us have an unexpected skin crisis, we rush over to Natalie for her expert advice and treatments. From helping calm breakouts to generally improving the texture of the skin, Natalie can help with it all.

I recently went over to her brand new location on Sheikh Zayed Road where she is now offering treatments using the brand Celestetic. As my skin was inflamed from late nights and generally bad eating patterns, Natalie recommended the C-Boost Facial using the machine by the Belgium-based dermo-aesthetic brand.

The first step was to cleanse the skin with the advanced aqua peel suction system. This hardworking device was painless and was able to do deep extraction while hydrating the skin with antioxidants.

Next came the vitamin C peel. Using advanced new technology the peel doesn’t burn or irritate the skin instead once applied it the active ingredients that include a combination of acids just work at gently removing the dead skin without leaving behind any redness or discomfort. This peel is also suitable for those with sensitive skin.

A few minutes after the peel is wiped off, a cool and refreshing hydrajelly mask with hyaluronic acids is applied onto the skin. This mask gives the skin deep hydration and prevents aging. It was used together with LED therapy to reach highest results. The cold mask feels lovely on the skin and these 20 minutes it stays on is great to take a quick power nap!

Once the mask is taken off it is followed by the application of a serum made with 20% Vitamin C, followed by a moisturizer that is lightly massaged into the skin (this mini massage was an unexpected treat!).

The C-Boost Facial showed instant results-the skin was visibly brighter and was definitely glowing!

To book a C-Boost Facial with Natalie Kobzar contact her at +971561478869 or DM SKN.COACH on Instagram


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