The White Room in Marina Plaza charges 75 AED per blow dry for all hair types and length.

We often find ourselves questioning the amount of money we end up spending on a blow dry.  Is it a total waste of money and a complete unnecessary luxury?  Well, the guilt is there but then there is the other dark side-the frizzy, untamed hair.  Do we really want to be seen outside with unkempt tresses?

In our quest to find the most affordable blow dry in Dubai we stumbled upon the perfect hidden gem.  The White Room is located in the Marina Plaza.  Discreetly places between the entrance from the Dubai Marina, it has a very zen-like atmosphere.  But that isn’t all-the good news is that no matter what type of hair you have or what length it is, all blow drys are for just 75 AED.

The salon is divided into different sections-so if you are having your hair done, it is in a private room away from where the nails and other treatments.  The no-fuss process begins with a hair wash plus conditioning and then onwards to your chair where the stylist starts the blow dry.  This is a strictly blow dry only zone, so don’t go in there thinking you could also get a quick roots touch up or then have your bangs trimmed.

If you want a professional-quality blow dry at a wallet-friendly price then this may just be the place you have been looking for.

The White Room
Marina Plaza
Dubai Marina
Tel:+971 4 4421110

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