h20 shower filter
h20 shower filter

A shower purifier is a must-have if you are worried about hair loss and the condition of your hair.

Do you blame the water in Dubai for unusually dry skin or hair loss? Although a lot of factors can contribute to the problem, we’re convinced that chlorine in the water is one of the main offenders…we have also heard that it contributes to increase male hair loss.

We’ve even considered switching to bottled water to cleanse our skin and hair.

Thankfully, there is now an alternative, as we’ve discovered a water filter that can be fitted to your shower. The Pure Blue Shower Purifier lessens your exposure to chemicals in the water, which makes a big difference to the condition of skin and hair. It’s surprisingly quick and easy to attach – and it’s cost effective too. With the exception of the cartridge needing to be changed every six months or so, there is no other maintenance required.
The Pure Blue Shower Purifier costs 250 AED. We think it’s an investment for your skin and hair that is worth every single penny. – to find your nearest stockist in the city.

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