This Ramadan enjoy UAE grown dates from local luxury date producer The Date Room.

Luxury UAE date producer, The Date Room is a one-stop shop for all your date needs. Sweet and delicious locally grown dates are sold at The Date Room in customizable boxes and in set boxes starting at 100 grams. Dates are available to buy in store at their outlets or available online with home delivery for your convenience.

Dates are an integral part of Ramadan and are enjoyed in every UAE household during the Holy Month. After the Sun has set, dates are found in all Iftar tents and restaurants as well as in household kitchens and family coffee tables. Globally, dates are eaten as the first food to break the fast. Helping to restore low blood sugar levels, dates are the perfect snack to eat after a long day of fasting.

The Date Room also sells it’s range of gourmet nuts, mixed stuffed dates, chocolate-dipped dates, and home-made date cakes which are available across both their outlets in the UAE, Deira City Centre in Dubai and Yas Mall in Abu Dhabi and online. The Date Room gift boxes make perfect gifts when visiting friends houses for Iftar or suhour and you can easily order online without having to venture to the mall or supermarket to get your date fix.

All The Date Room’s dates are grown locally in farms in Al Ain and across the Northern Emirates. The Date Room prides itself on it’s high quality of date, and the fact that their farms have been producing delicious dates for the UAE for hundreds of years.

Packaged with stylish Arabic art designs, The Date Room is the ideal Ramadan gift and the best way to break the fast.

For more information visit the website on https://thedateroom.ae.

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