Seafood Market

Manzil Downtown Dubai hosts the Seafood Market every Thursday starting from 7pm.

We were recently invited to experience the Seafood Market, a weekly Thursday night ritual at Manzil Downtown Dubai.  The Seafood Market is exactly what its name proposes-a meal filled with fresh catch straight from the sea (think lobster, oysters and different variety of fish).

Seafood Market

The atmosphere is cozy and the fish is all out on display waiting to be picked for the main course.  We began with cold appetisers that included fresh mussels, oysters, shrimp salad and other greens.  Next came the hot starters-a delicious mix of fried anchovy and grilled calamari amongst other small bites.

Seafood MarketBut it was the main course that we were most excited about.  We walked over to the counter and picked out all the seafood we wanted to try.  Once you decide on the dishes the options are to have it fried, grilled or steamed.  We ordered grilled lobster (it was sweet, tender and delicious!).  Our second dish was a medley of grilled fish that were seasoned with some salt and lemon-we thoroughly enjoyed it with the bed of rice it was served on.

There is a dessert platter that follows with an interesting mix of sweets including grilled bananas and fried ice cream.

Seafood Market offers a rich variety of local and regional catch cooked in a simple manner.  It is a great place for a relaxed Thursday night with friends and family.

Seafood Market at Manzil Downtown Dubai 

Day & Date:  Every Thursday

Time: 7pm – 11pm

Price: AED 325 for (unlimited seafood and house beverages) | AED 245 for (unlimited seafood and soft beverages)



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