Gurkan Sef offers a lavish spread that is more than just eggs and bread.

We all love a good avo-toast for breakfast, but are always excited to try something different. So, when an invitation to experience an authentic Turkish breakfast at Gurkan Sef, arrived in our inbox, we immediately picked a date.

This popular Turkish steakhouse located at CityWalk now opens bright and early for breakfast.

Once seated, we were served a cup of strong Turkish tea, and then our very hospitable server Uly, began to swiftly fill up our table with the mouthwatering food.

We recommend you wait till everything is laid out (despite the temptation to start eating immediately), as this spread is worth a photo (or 10 in our case!).

The different sized platters and plates include everything from cubes of butter to savory pastries.

We don’t follow any rules when it comes to what to eat first. We began with honey with cream and topped it on a toasted simit- freshly baked bread that is similar to a bagel in its shape, but much softer in texture and crusted with sesame seeds.

If you prefer starting with eggs, then try the Menemem-Turkish style scrambled eggs cooked in tomato-a wholesome and delicious combination.

We were delighted to see their cheese platter filled with everything from mild to sharp versions of Turkish cheese including beyaz penir and kasar.

Other highlights include cold meats, different assortments of jam, and even French fries topped with aromatic spices.

This sweet and savoury spread is one that you must take your time enjoying and not just be in a rush to head back to work!

Turkey is known for their breakfast spread and Gurkan Sef, does an outstanding job of presenting it in the most authentic manner.

Gurkan Sef serves breakfast daily from 8:30 am-12:30pm
City Walk 2, Al Safa, Dubai, UAE





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