Flooka remains a great catch!

If like us you have lived in Dubai for over a decade then you are familiar with Flooka. Tucked away in Dubai Marine Beach Resort, this Mediterranean seafood restaurant has been around for around 12 years.

We were recently invited for lunch there and it was a nostalgic experience returning to one of our most visited spots in town when we first moved to Dubai.

The spacious restaurant is located on the first floor and has plenty of indoor seating with wide glass windows overlooking the sea and the resort. Given the beautiful weather we chose to be seated outside. The outdoor has a rustic charm with a nautical theme and gives the illusion that you are on a ship deck.

The quintessential Mediterranean seafood menu has Lebanese influences. We began our meal with a refreshing tabbouleh salad and fried calamari. Oh, and not to forget the indulgent potatoes sprinkled with Lebanese spices.

In the mains we picked a grilled seabass, grilled prawns and the star of the show, lobster thermidore.  Each of the dishes were served with various different condiments and overall stayed true to the natural flavors of the sea and perfectly captured the complete essence of the fresh catch.




Dubai Marine Beach Resort and Spa

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