rice puding dubai by rice creamery
where to get rice pudding desert in dubai by rice creamery

Rice Creamery offers the perfect indulgent dessert for the entire family.

With a constant supply of new and innovative sweets to pick from we definitely neglect those childhood desserts we grew up eating.  Rice pudding is the old-school universal dessert tweaked slightly as we cross countries-in the Middle East it is sweetened with rose water, in South Asia they add Cardamom and in the West it is sprinkled with Vanilla Beans.

Milky and filling we have distinct memories of growing up eating it, but it seems to have been shelved making rare appearances at family parties, so imagine our delight when we heard about Rice Creamery.  A dedicated sweet shop serving nothing but rice pudding!  What makes it exciting is that they have over 20 different flavors to pick from!

From Red Velvet to Kunafa, Rice Creamery has a range of fun flavors with quirky names.  Once you pick your flavor you can choose from a range of toppings to sprinkle on including everything from the more indulgent Oreos and Caramel Sauce to healthier options like Blueberries and Oats.

Creamy and hearty it is the ideal dessert to fix any sweet cravings!

Rice Creamery
Unit 17
City Walk

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