Fancy a no-fuss sharing style lunch with Thai, Vietnamese or Indonesian flavors, go check WOX

For those (like us) who were fond of WOX at Grand Hyatt Dubai, we have good news as there is a new WOX in town! It is located in Jumeirah 1, on the ground floor inside Hyatt Place Dubai / Jumeirah, a new hotel that opened its doors late 2019 (read our review here).

Chef Dewa who hails from Bali – is in charge and his recipes are wholesome Pan-Asian street-style dishes that are packed with spices and flavors.

The menu is quite short and fits within a page but still, there are many tantalizing options to pick making it hard to select just a few if you crave Pan Asian food.

WOX menu is priced well as all starters cost between 25 AED and 46 AED, mains won’t exceed 46 AED and desserts are all priced at 20 AED.

Invited to visit the restaurant soon after its opening, we picked a few dishes and Chef Dewa brought to our table some of the “Specials of the day” – they are not mentioned on the menu-  along with some of the WOX signature dishes.

We started with a wholesome pho – a Vietnamese soup prepared with slippery rice noodles, beef and garnished with fresh coriander. Soon after, the table was filled with different starters we enjoyed sharing: wok-fried prawns glazed with a sweet and sour sauce, chicken bao and chicken dim sum (Nepalese versions) along with crispy fried seafood spring rolls accompanied with different sauces.

Vietnamese Beef soup pho at WOX

For our mains, the crispy fried noodles served with prawns and vegetables was our personal favorite while the beef fried rice didn’t disappoint either.

To conclude this feast of a lunch, Chef Dewa brought us a selection of mochis – green tea, chocolate, and vanilla – that were the Special of the day and it was our first time trying the scrumptious Sago banana pudding – tapioca pearls cooked in coconut milk and mixed with sliced banana. We must say this last dessert served chilled is perfect to end on a sweet note as it was quite refreshing and light. Something we will try to redo at home.

Our lunch at WOX Hyatt Place Jumeirah with Chef Dewa

Overall, we had a delightful experience at WOX as the very fair pricing allows you to order a mix of different Asian style cuisine to share at the table. The other plus is you get to watch the chefs in the open kitchen preparing the guests’ orders and the sound of the sizzling wok, adding a vibrant touch to your experience.

By the way, if you want to learn how to prepare these street-style recipes at home, we discovered WOX is also going to be organizing cooking classes.

Chef Dewa will demonstrate and teach participants how to make a selection of famous Far Eastern street style favorites. He will offer the hands-on session featuring three recipes from Wox’s specialty dishes. After the cooking class, guests will be served with a delicious meal and it only costs 60 AED inclusive of meals!

What: Cooking Class at Wox

Where: Wox – Hyatt Place Dubai / Jumeirah

When: Friday, January 24, 2020

Time: 4.00 – 6.00 p.m.

Price: AED 60 per person inclusive of Meals

Reservation: +971 50 546 1605

Booking link:


WOX Restaurant | Ground floor, Hyatt Place Dubai / Jumeirah | Location

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