Samad Al Iraqi located in Jumeirah Beach Plaza serves traditional Iraqi cuisine including a slow-cooked fish that is ideal for sharing with large groups.

Looking for an Iftar option with a big group of friends?  We recommend heading over to the Iraqi restaurant that is located in Jumeirah Beach Plaza, and serves the traditional Maskouf.

A popular local Iraqi recipe, the fish is slow grilled for hours on an open wood fire in a manner that dates back to ancient times.  Seasoned with olive oil and a few spices, garnished with onions and tomatoes with a squeeze of lemon, the fish has a mild but distinct flavor.

At the restaurant you can watch the fish being grilled inside an enclosed glass pit-quite a fascinating an unexpected site.

The buffet consists of a large variety of Arabic sweet and savory dishes, including salads, grills, rice and meat.  The Maskouf is also included in the large selection and the perfect opportunity to enjoy this difficult to find Iraqi dish.

Samad Al Iraqi is definitely worth checking out, so gather a group of friends and head over to try some authentic Iraqi cuisine.

Samad Al Iraqi
Jumeirah Beach Plaza
Tel: +9714-3427887
Please note that we dine anonymously and always pay the bill ! 

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