moroccan restaurant
moroccan restaurant

Moroccan Taste will transport you straight to the Medina with homemade-style authentic Moroccan food.

When we heard about a local Moroccan lady cooking homemade-style cuisine in Jumeirah, we were eager to try it out…  Tucked away inside a private courtyard, this hidden gem has an ambience just like the cafés we have visited in the Medina in the heart of Marrakesh.

The brightly coloured walls are decorated with Arab motifs, with majlis-style seating in one corner and other décor that is distinctly Moroccan. You feel like you have been transported to another world!

The menu is no disappointment, boasting a wide variety of typically Moroccan dishes, including Tagines with meat and chicken, Couscous cooked in a choice of different styles, and a range of Bastilles (filo-pastry, filled with different ingredients). The meal always begins with piping hot bread, served with olive oil, olives, and harissa paste that has a sharp, but delicious flavour.

Moroccan Taste serves authentic cuisine without actually having to travel all the way to Morocco. This is no-frills type of eatery, ideal for a simple lunch on the go at a great price (a lunch for two will cost you less than 100 AED).

Moroccan Taste
Laplage Building (opposite Jumeirah Beach Park)
Jumeirah 2

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