There’s no shortage of takeaway options in Dubai… Over the past month, we’ve ordered, tasted and savored lots of them (all in the interest of research, you understand), but there is one company that stood out by a square mile…

Thaiwok – a Thai restaurant, in case you hadn’t worked it out – delivers beautifully prepared, mouthwateringly fresh Thai food. We may have been impressed by the food, but the ordering process wasn’t easy – in fact, the member of staff that took our order sounded as if he’d rather be anywhere but the end of the phone! It was, however, well worth the effort, with food arriving at our door an hour later.

We started with a Thai classic; Chicken Satay with peanut sauce. The chicken was tender, the sauce fluid with peanuts that tasted spot-on (we can sometimes find the flavour a little overpowering). We loved the fact that the chicken was locally sourced – we mention this, as many places in Dubai cut costs by importing chicken from Brazil.

The next dish we tried was the Green Mango Salad. It was crunchy, slightly spicy, light, and full of exotic flavour. It was extremely refreshing, so perfect for the warmer weather.

Finally, we tried a large portion of the Prawns with Cashew Nuts, accompanied by steamed rice. Shrimps were fresh and tasty, and vegetables were cooked to perfection.

The best bit? The price. This order cost under 100 AED for two and was worth every penny.

Thai Wok
Tel:04-4308119  or 050-1136715 or 6 

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